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Lakewood Community Center Reservation Application


  1. 1. Application Information
  2. 2. Rules and Regulations
  • Application Information

    1. The facility is available for rentals between 8:00 am and 10:00 pm daily. Set up of tables and chairs is done by Parks staff.

    2. Room Rental Fees

      Capacity: Room 103 up to 50 people or Room 203 up to 100 people.

    3. Gym Rental Fees

      No food or drink is allowed in the gym.

    4. Party Package Fees

      Includes 1 hour in room and 1 hour in half gym, and 1 game bag.

    5. Game Bag (select one)

      Party Package also includes use of gym equipment (basketball/hoops, volleyball/net).

    6. Damage Deposit (Refundable)*

    7. Is food being provided at event?*

    8. Is sound amplification planned?*

      Microphone, speakers, etc.

    9. Will you be charging an admission fee to attend your event?*

    10. If admission fees are charged, Pierce County Parks will receive 25% of total receipts. This must be received with 2 weeks following the event.

    11. Is fundraising and/or sale of food, merchandise, or services planned?*

    12. Will teenagers be present at your event?*

    13. An additional damage deposit is required for events attended by teenagers.

    14. Is a baptismal part of your event?*

    15. Is possession or consumption of alcohol part of your event?*

    16. Please contact Parks staff no less than 45 days prior to your event if you wish to serve alcohol.

    17. Do you need any special accommodations (ADA)?*