Public Hearings & Meetings

What is a Public Hearing?

A public hearing is a special meeting which allows the public to comment on proposed plans and projects before officials make a final decision.

Public hearings are generally divided into two categories - legislative and quasi-judicial. Legislative hearings are conducted to seek citizen views on land use plans and ordinances, while quasi-judicial hearings deal with individual property.

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Hearing Examiner

Pierce County utilizes a Hearing Examiner system for quasi-judicial decisions. The Hearing Examiner is appointed by the County Council and charged with the responsibility of conducting public hearings, preparing the official record thereof, preparing findings of fact and conclusions of law and issuing final decisions for:
  • Land-use cases
  • Appeals of administrative decisions and environmental determinations
  • Preliminary and final plats
  • Amendments
  • Shoreline management cases
  • Etc.

The Examiner stands as an impartial body to which information is presented. The procedures governing hearings before the Hearing Examiner are set forth in the Hearing Examiner Code, Chapter 1.22 Pierce County Code.

Hearing Examiner Agendas

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Land Use Advisory Commissions (LUACs)

Land Use Advisory Commissions serve in an advisory capacity on land use matters to the Executive, the County Council, the Hearing Examiner, the Planning Commission, and the Planning and Land Services Department per Pierce County Code (PCC) 2.45. Meetings of the LUAC are held within the community and facilitate a structured two-way communication process between the County and community residents, property owners, and business owners regarding significant land use issues. LUACs make recommendations regarding updates to community plans, monitor the progress made in implementation of community plan policies and review applications for proposed developments within the represented community for which a public hearing is required.

Consider volunteering as a LUAC member, here is the application.

LUAC Agendas

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Planning Commission

The Pierce County Planning Commission is an advisory board to the Pierce County Council regarding legislative actions dealing with planning and land use. Hearings before the Planning Commission are typically in regard to planning related legislation such as zoning code changes, comprehensive plan amendments, and other land use regulations. The Planning Commission also makes recommendations regarding applications for current use assessment.

Planning Commission Agendas

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Boundary Review Board
The Boundary Review Board does not meet on a regular schedule. Agendas will be posted here when a hearing is scheduled.

No meetings are currently scheduled.