Marriage Ceremony Providers

Applying for a Marriage License

First, you should contact the Pierce County Auditor's Office at (253) 798-7435 for information on how to apply for your marriage / wedding license. A judge can perform the marriage / wedding three days after the date the license is issued.

To Schedule a Wedding

To schedule a wedding, you will need to contact the Judge directly. The following is a list of names and phone numbers for the judges in Pierce County District Court who perform weddings.
  • Judge Judy Rae Jasprica (253) 798-3313
  • Judge Kevin McCann (253) 798-3314
  • Judge Claire Sussman (253) 798-6627
  • Judge Lizanne Padula (253) 798-7712
  • Judge Karl Williams (253) 798-3312
At the time you schedule your wedding, the judge will inform you of the fee for the service. At the time of the ceremony, you must appear with two witnesses over the age of 18 years.

This information is also available by calling (253) 798-8878.