Toll Violations

What is a Toll Violation?

The ticket was issued as a toll violation for evading the toll payment on the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. All drivers are required to pay on their eastbound trip from Gig Harbor to Tacoma when you cross the bridge. By Washington law, the ticket is issued to the registered owner of the vehicle.

Toll Violations & Your Driving Record

The toll violation will not affect your personal or commercial driver's license. No points will be assessed to your driving record and no record of this infraction will be sent to your insurance company. However, if you fail to pay the fine, the District Court will notify the Washington State Department of Licensing, and it may affect your ability to renew your vehicle license tabs. Failure to properly register your vehicle may result in additional infraction and criminal charges.

Action You Should Take

You must respond to this ticket within 15 days from the date the ticket was issued. This date is on the front page of the ticket you received in the mail. You may pay the $52, request a toll hearing, or submit a statement and proof that the vehicle was sold or traded prior to the date of the toll violation, or that your vehicle/license plate was stolen prior to the date of the toll violation.

If You Received More Than One Toll Violation

When you contact the District Court, please be sure to include all ticket numbers and all vehicle license plates to ensure that all your tickets are handled. The District Court may be reached at (253) 798-7487.