File a Small Claims Case

How to File

A small claim is a case filed only for the recovery of money owed to you and is now available to file online. After filing online, you must appear in person to pay the filing fee and receive your copy and the service packet(s).
Court's Operations Division (CCB)
Room 239
930 Tacoma Ave. S.
Tacoma, WA 98402

This is an electronic filing and can be completed on any computer with internet access. Kiosks are also available at the Pierce County Law Library. Visit the online interview process to file a small claims case online.

The amount of money you seek to recover may not exceed $10,000 in cases brought by a natural person (a natural person is defined as a human being). The limit for all other cases brought by a business, corporation, or other business entity, remains at $5,000. The filing fee is $50 and must be made in cash, VISA or Mastercard. No personal checks are accepted. New small claims cases are accepted until 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

The Filing Process

Small claim cases must be filed in the county where the defendant resides or does business. When filing a small claim the information needed includes the:
  • Name and address of the person, company or corporation being sued
  • Amount owed
  • Date the money became due
  • Reason for the suit
The District Court does not collect the money awarded in a judgment. Contact an attorney or a collection agency for any questions concerning collection of money.


All small claims cases are set for a mediation hearing with an impartial, third-party mediator. Witnesses are not allowed at the mediation hearing and attorneys are not allowed to represent either side in small claims. The litigants prove their cases via statements, contracts, estimates, photographs, etc. Seventy-five percent of the small claims cases are settled at mediation. Those cases that are not settled through mediation are scheduled for trial.

After you submit the Claim online, you will be given a confirmation number. You must appear at the Public counter (Room 239 at the CCB – 930 Tacoma Ave South, Tacoma, WA) within 72 hours with your confirmation number to pay the filing fees; schedule a mediation court date and receive copies of your Notice of Small Claim. Your Claim will not be processed until you appear at the court’s public counter.