Commissioners Non-Emergency Practices

Court Commissioners preside over various divisions such as Civil, Juvenile, Civil Mental Health, Adoptions, and Criminal. Listing of current Court Commissioners.

Emergency procedures due to COVID-19
Commissioner Court Hearing Information Line During COVID 19 – please call (253) 798-3610

Procedure to Complete Dissolution Through Written Interrogatories


Four Commissioners hear and decide a variety of civil matters in Divisions A, B, C, and Ex Parte. The type of cases scheduled and heard are listed on the division calendar.

Access the Division Calendars

***Starting September 1, 2018, no working copies shall be submitted in advance on any civil commissioner’s calendar.  For details regarding procedure, including the MANDATORY use of the Family Law and Civil Information Forms and submission of proposed orders, see PCLR 7, and PCLSPRs 94.04, 98.04, 98.16W, 98.18, and 98.20.    (LINK to Local Rules)  

Adoptions & Juvenile Court

Two Commissioners hear and decide matters involving juveniles, including criminal, dependency, truancy, at-risk-youth, and finalization of adoptions.  For more information regarding Adoption and Juvenile Court dockets, please visit the Juvenile Court Website. See the Juvenile Court Website Pierce County Juvenile Court

Civil Mental Health

A Commissioner hears matters relating to the involuntary commitment, treatment, and release of individuals alleged to be suffering from mental disorder or alcoholism.  These matters are heard at Western State Hospital.  See also: the Protocols for Less Restrictive Alternative Orders. Protocols for Less Restrictive Alternative Orders.

Joel’s Law Petitions continue to be processed by the Commissioner at Western State Hospital Court. These petitions may be filed by family members, guardians or conservators. The forms and instructions are found at the Washington Courts web page. Once you follow the instructions and fill out the Petition, you may file the petition at the Western State Hospital Court located at 9601 Steilacoom Blvd. SW, Lakewood, WA 98498. The main entrance to Western State Hospital is at the traffic light. Turn in to the hospital, and go straight at the traffic circle. Building 9 is on the left with a motor home in the parking lot. Go to the moto home to be screened. Ask the screener to call security to let you into the court lobby. If the Clerk is not present, the security guard will take your petition and deliver it to the Superior Court Commissioner for review. You may call the Clerks Office at Western State Hospital Court for further instructions, (253) 756-2951.


The Criminal Court Commissioner presides over hearings related to criminal offenses, including arraignments, omnibus hearings, pleas and other matters, but not sentencings (unless stipulated by both parties) or criminal jury trials.  The Criminal Court Commissioner is located in the Criminal Division 2, Courtroom 270 on the second floor of the County City Building. 

Commissioner Calendars by Division

All hearings that are docketed for the 9:00 am Show Cause Calendar must be confirmed by the party setting the hearing by noon, two court days prior to the scheduled hearing date.  All other hearings scheduled before the commissioners do not have to be confirmed.  Commissioner Calendar by Division

How to Schedule Proceedings

Scheduling Hearings on Commissioners’ Dockets

Motions heard on both the morning and afternoon Commissioner dockets at the County City Building (other than domestic violence, anti-harassment, stalking, sexual assault protection and vulnerable adult protection) must be docketed using the Note for Commissioner’s Calendar which shall be electronically filed through LINX, utilizing the drop down e-file menu in order to select the correct docket, date and time.

Scheduling Hearings in the Ex Parte Department

Ex Parte matters shall be scheduled using the electronic kiosk sign in process.  Attorneys shall use the dedicated kiosk in the Clerk’s Office (Room 110) to electronically sign in and schedule Ex Parte matters.  Non-Attorneys/Self represented parties shall report to Commissioner Services Department (Room 110) to be signed in and schedule Ex Parte matters.