Special Populations - Children Younger than 5
2020 Census - You Count
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This Census Bureau program uses census statistics to create classroom materials for grades pre-K through 12 to teach about real-life census data.

Count All Kids

Efforts to Reduce Undercount of Young Children

U.S. Census Bureau: Counting Young Children in the 2020 Census (PDF)

Scholastic, Inc. and U.S. Census Bureau Coloring Book – Everybody Counts! / Todo el mundo cuenta! (Spanish)

Scholastic, Inc. and U.S. Census Bureau Story Book: Everybody Counts! Todo el mundo cuenta! (Spanish)

“Everyone Counts!” Census song? As the Bureau says, it’s a catchy tune with fun lyrics to help young children understand the census and why everyone counts in their own special way!

Statistics in Schools Week: Everyone Counts!