Pierce County Parks System Overview
The Pierce County park system includes almost 5,200 acres of developed parks, trails, open space, cemeteries, and special use properties. The park system also includes nearly 40 miles of walking paths and trails. The following tables provide a breakdown of park properties by classification and Management Region. 

Much of the data in the PROS Plan is provided countywide and by Management Region* to provide a more localized look at the park system and its needs. 

*Pierce County divides the park system into Management Regions based on community plan boundaries and providing service efficiencies for maintenance and operations.

Management Regions

Recreation Zones

Pierce County Parks Properties 
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Pierce County Parks Property Details

Park Classification & Name Acreage Region

Regional Parks

Regional Parks serve the whole county, providing a variety of unique recreation facilities that attract visitors from the entire region. They may include formal and informal recreation areas, specialty facilities, and significant habitat and historical resource protection areas. Generally, Regional Parks are greater than 200 acres in size. 




Chambers Creek Regional Park 730 West
Chambers Bay Golf Course 340  
Chambers Creek Park 185  
Chambers Creek Canyon 205  
Spanaway Regional Park 328 Central
Bresemann Forest 66  
Lake Spanaway Golf Course 129  
Spanaway Park 89  
Sprinker Recreation Center 44  
Undeveloped 1,723  
Carbon River Valley Regional Resource Conservancy 1,723 North
Carbon River Valley 488  
Fairfax Properties 1,080  
Fairfax Town Site 155  

County Parks

County Parks serve more than one community and are designed to accommodate many activities and people of a wide variety of ages, abilities, and interests. They are developed for both formal and informal recreation activities and for protecting habitat. Recreation features vary by park. County Parks are generally 40 to 200 acres in size.


Developed 437  
Ashford County Park 84 South
Frontier Park 71 South
Heritage Recreation Center 47 South
North Lake Tapps Park 135 North
Meridian Habitat Park 36 South
Cross Park 64 South
Undeveloped 227  
Plateau Park (aka Buckley-Bonney Lake Park) 80 North
Orangegate Park 147 Central

Local Parks

Local Parks serve neighborhoods and communities and are designed to accommodate varying activities and people with a wide variety of ages, abilities, and interests. Recreation features will vary by park and include formal and informal activities. Local Parks are generally 5 to 40 acres in size.


Dawson Playfield 5 Central
Gonyea Playfield 12 Central
Lidford Playfield 10 Central
Mayfair Playfield 5 Central
South Hill Community Park 40 South

Special Use Parks

Special Use Parks include stand-alone recreation facilities not located within larger parks. These include single-purpose sites that generally serve a regional audience, such as community centers, BMX tracks, and golf courses.


Developed 4  
Lakewood Community Center 4 West
Undeveloped 116  
Hopp Farm 39 South
Swan Creek Park - Pioneer Way 40 Central
Swan Creek Park - Waller Road 37 Central

Resource Conservancy Lands

Resource Conservancy Lands are conservation areas designed to protect unique or significant natural features, such as rivers and streams, wetlands and marshes, environmentally sensitive areas, and wildlife habitats. Where appropriate, Resource Conservancy Lands may secondarily support passive, nature-oriented outdoor recreation, such as trails and picnic areas.


Developed/Public Access 51  
Parkland Prairie Nature Preserve 5 Central
Seeley Lake Park 46 West
Undeveloped 810.3  
Buckley Forestland Preserve 221 North
Devil's Head 94 West
Hundred Acre Wood 109 South
Nisqually Interpretive Center 68 Central
Parkland Addition 0.3 Central
Rimrock Preserve 139 South
South Pierce Wetland Preserve 156 Central
Swan Creek Park -Waller Road Nature Preserve 23 Central

Linear Parks/Trails

Linear Parks and Trails include built or natural corridors that provide recreation or non-motorized transportation facilities and green buffers between communities. Trail classifications are included in Chapter 6, Trails Plan.


Developed 533  
Foothills Trail 529 North
Nathan Chapman Memorial Trail 2 South
Puyallup River Levee Trail 2 North
Undeveloped 2  
Half Dollar Park 2 South

Unclassified Properties

Unclassified sites include land that has been acquired by Pierce County Parks, but which may not meet the Department's mission and may be transferred to a more appropriate custodian. These sites receive minimal maintenance. 


Developed 101  
Browns Point Lighthouse Parking Lot 1 West
Purdy Sandspit 64 West
Riverside Park 36 North
Undeveloped 37.3  
Ellenswood Conservancy 1 Central
Herron Point 0.3 West
Lake Tapps Habitat 17 West
Ohop Trail Extension 14 South
Puget Creek Beach 2 West
Wales Property 3 North


Cemeteries are included in the parks classification system, because they become the responsibility of the County when they are without caretakers, per RCW.


265th Ave Cemetery 6 North
Lake Tapps Pioneer Cemetery 1 North
Old Settlers' Cemetery 4 West
Roy Cemetery 0.3 Central



Service Providers

Service Areasservice areas map

Pierce County Parks manages parks throughout the County. The primary service area of Pierce County Parks is where there are no other park providers - in unincorporated Pierce County. In addition to Pierce County and state and federal parks, there are 23 cities and towns and four park districts that provide parks in Pierce County. The map to the left shows the different parks providers serving Pierce County.


Cities and park districts are the primary providers of neighborhood parks and recreation. Pierce County is the primary provider of:

  • Regional and County parks and trails,
  • Open space, and
  • Regional specialized facilities, such as equestrian center, golf and disc golf courses, an ice rink, BMX track, and tournament-quality athletic fields.