About the ADA Transition Plan

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About the ADA Transition Plan

The ADA Transition Plan includes elements such as:
  • How facilities will be evaluated and prioritized
  • How much it will cost to improve each type of facility and how the work will be funded
  • A timeline for improvements
  • Design standards and procedure improvements to achieve compliance for new infrastructure
We’ll provide an overview of these elements throughout this online open house.

Where are we now?
The draft plan is now ready for public review. Comments on the draft plan will be accepted through August 30.

Please share your feedback via a short survey at the end of this online open house. We’ve also listed other ways you can provide feedback.

Once the public comment period ends, Pierce County staff will review the feedback and submit the draft plan to the Pierce County Council for consideration and adoption. The plan will be updated every five years to track progress, refine prioritization methods, and update program costs. Each update will include a public comment period.
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