Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment is your opportunity to:

  • Enroll in coverage, make plan changes, or waive coverage (if permitted by the plan).
  • Enroll your eligible dependents or remove dependents from coverage.
  • Enroll in a 2021 Health Care or Day Care Flexible Spending Arrangement (FSA).

2021 Open Enrollment by Employee Benefit Group

Your 2021 Open Enrollment depends on your Employee Benefit Group.

Are you a PEBB plan eligible employee or a WA Teamsters plan eligible employee?

PEBB Plan Employee Benefit Group

2021 Open Enrollment: November 1 - 30

You will be able to make most changes to your PEBB benefits on the Health Care Authority (HCA) PEBB My Account page. 

2021 plan information coming from HCA in October. To see 2020 PEBB plans and benefits click here.  

Changes you can make on the PEBB My Account website:

  • Make changes to your medical and dental coverage

  • Attest to the spouse or state-registered domestic partner coverage premium surcharge

  • Remove medical and/or dental for dependents

  • Waive coverage for yourself

Changes you can only make on a paper form:
  • Add dependents (requires dependent verification)
    • 2021 PEBB Employee Enrollment/Change form (available 11/1)
  • Enroll in Health Care and/or Daycare FSA (must re-enroll every year)
    • Navia Flexible Spending Arrangement Enrollment form (available 11/1)
  • Cancel or enroll in Short Term Disability (if currently enrolled, coverage will automatically continue)
    • LifeMap Employee Enrollment and Change form (available 11/1)
  • Enroll in, change waiting period, or cancel Long Term Disability
    • The Standard Long Term Disability Enrollment and Change form (available 11/1)

Need assistance?
  • Schedule time with Benefits staff via Microsoft Teams (schedule available soon).
  • Contact Benefits at 253-798-7462 or

WA Teamsters Employee Benefit Group

2021 Open Enrollment: November 1 - 30

Your enrollment requires two steps:

  1. Workday benefits enrollment: Make changes or confirm current elections for:
    • Dental
    • Life insurance
    • Disability insurance
    • Flexible Spending Arrangement - Healthcare and/or Daycare
  2. Teamsters medical enrollment must be completed through NW Administrators page. 

Watch for an "Open Enrollment" to do item in your Workday inbox November 1, 2020. 

Need assistance? 

Required Dependent Verification

Dependent verification is required for all newly enrolled dependents. Your dependent(s) will not be enrolled without verification of eligibility. The Dependent Verification Process depends on your employee benefit group:

PEBB Employee Benefit Group

PEBB requires dependent verification for all dependents (including spouse or state-registered domestic partner and child(ren)) enrolled in PEBB coverage. 


PEBB Dependent Verification - acceptable documents.

You may also need to submit:

WA Teamsters Employee Benefit Group

PC & WTWT Dependent Verification - acceptable documents. 

You may also need to submit: