Pet Agent Roster

Roster Requirements/Criteria

Pet Agents sell initial pet licenses (or replacement tags) to owners. Fees are set by the Auditor’s Office but kept by the Agent. Agents must meet the following requirements:

  • Operate an animal-related business (such as Veterinary Clinic, Grooming Parlor, etc.).
  • Complete the electronically signed contract (below).
  • Receive an approval letter to represent the Auditor’s Office as a Pet Agent.
  • Provide additionally required forms (below).

Required forms:

  • Print, sign and mail two copies of the completed agreement. 
  • Completed I-9 form.
  • Copy of liability insurance certificate.

All required forms can be mailed to:

Pierce County Auditor's Office 
2401 S. 35th St.
Room 200
Tacoma, WA 98409


Pet Agent Contract

Interested in becoming a Pet Agent? Let us know by completing the application form. You'll still need to mail us the required forms listed above.