Pierce County Continuity of Operations Plans (COOP)

To accomplish the County's mission, Pierce County must ensure its operations are performed with minimal disruption during all-hazards emergencies or other situations that may interrupt normal operations. The purpose of the departmental Continuity of Operations Plan is to provide the framework for each department to continue or rapidly restore department-wide Essential Functions in the event of an emergency that affects daily operations.

A Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) is designed to sustain essential departmental functions until normal operations can be restored following an emergency or other incident. It addresses the following disruptions to normal operations:

  • Loss of access to a facility, or portion of a facility;

  • Loss of services due to a reduced workforce; and

  • Loss of services due to equipment or utilities failure.

Departmental COOP's have two main components:

The Narrative Section which identifies and addresses departmental specific information, including alert and notification procedures, succession of leadership, delegations of authority, essential space requirements, implementation procedures, and a communications plan, and

The Essential Functions Section which identifies activities that may not sustain an interruption greater than 30 days in order for the department to continue operating at its typical status.

All Pierce County departments should participate in COOP planning.