Cross Park Construction

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About the Project

Pierce County Parks owns 64 acres in the Frederickson area known as the Stan and Joan Cross Park.  This property lies in the heart of the County’s urban area and purchased in 2003 to serve a large and diverse population. The County has conducted extensive planning, design and engineering to create a vision and plan for the park that meets the needs of the surrounding communities. Pierce County Parks is developing the northern 4-acres of the site, Phase 1 of the Master Plan.

Current development includes: a community center, parking areas, a play area, restrooms, open space, and trails.  

Construction began June 10, 2019 and will be completed in the summer of 2020.

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Project Updates:

Updates to the project are provided by Pease Construction. 

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alertPark Closed During Construction.

Both the Cross Park site and the Naches Trail Preserve are closed to the public during construction. We kindly ask to submit project questions to Park’s staff and not interrupt the contractors on the site.

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Funding Partners

This project is funded by grants from the Washington Department of Commerce, Pierce County Impact Fees and Sales Tax, donations from the Friends of Stan & Joan Cross Park, and the community of Frederickson.

Questions regarding Cross Park and the project status?

Kimberly Freeman, Superintendent of Resource Stewardship
(253) 798-4009 | email