38th Avenue East / 152nd Street East (CRP 5835)

What's Happening 

Details on the 2019 construction schedule for this project will be available soon.

About the Project

Planned improvements to the intersection of 38th Avenue East / 152nd Street East (CRP 5835) are intended to increase the efficiency of the intersection and improve safety. Improvements will include the following:

  • Installing a traffic signal system and illumination at the intersection.
  • Installing concrete curb, gutter, and sidewalk at the four quadrants.

Project Timeline

April 26, 2019: Bid Opening

May 17, 2019:
Pierce County awarded the contract to Titan Earthwork LLC

June 26, 2019:
Pierce County hosted the Pre-Construction Meeting

Summer 2020: Substantial  and Physical Completion

Contact Us

Andrew Davis, P.E.
Construction Engineering Supervisor
Phone: (253) 798-6913

2702 S 42nd St, Ste 109
Tacoma, WA 98409

Titan Earthwork LLC
Phone: (206) 325-3004

1585 Valentive Ave SE
Pacific, WA 98047