Housing Assistance and Programs

Human Services offices are closed until further notice. We are offering alternative service options in response to growing community concerns. Help for people impacted by COVID-19.
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Pierce County Human Services anticipates a new rental assistance program opening towards the end of February 2021. Due to federal requirements and eligibility criteria, all Pierce County residents must reapply for rental assistance – even if you received rental assistance from us in the past. Check back here for the most updated information on rental assistance.

Eviction Resolution Program

Pierce County residents at risk of eviction due to non-payment of rent are eligible for free resolution services. Whether it’s creating a payment plan, leaving an eviction filing off your record or extending your due date to help you get on your feet, the Eviction Resolution Program has specialists to help find solutions that work for both the tenant and landlord. 

Learn more: https://tacomaprobono.org/hjp/

Email TacomaPROBONO: hjp@tacomaprobono.org

Eviction Resolution Program


The eviction moratorium has been extended through March 2021. Some important facts to note: 

  • You still must pay rent eventually. 
  • Under the eviction moratorium, landlords can't increase residential rents and are expected to offer tenants a repayment plan. Landlords also can't charge late fees under the moratorium. 
  • People can still be evicted for other reasons, such as property damage or criminal behavior.
  • You cannot be evicted during the crisis unless you are causing a threat, or your landlord wants to sell or move into the property.
  • The proclamation bans retaliation against tenants and creates a legal defense for tenant lawsuits.

Click here for free eviction defense and landlord/tenant mediation through TacomaPROBONO or contact them at 253-572-5137 ext. 102 or hjp@tacomaprobono.org

To learn more about the eviction moratorium, view this helpful guide and additional info sheets below:











About Our Housing Assistance and Programs
Human Services offers a variety of services and programs to assist residents with their housing needs. They include a variety of loan and grant programs to assist homebuyers, homeowners, and affordable housing developers. Helpful resources include: Homebuyer EducationMortgage Fraud and Foreclosure Help and Fair Housing Complaints.
Community Development Corporation Board
The Pierce County Community Development Corporation (CDC) Board is a decision-making board that approves businesses and housing loan, policies and procedures and other financial transactions related to the CDC.

Learn more about our advisory boards.
Additional Housing Resources

Homebuyer Assistance Loans

homebuyer assistance loans

Affordable Housing Financing

affordable housing loans

Major Home Rehabilitation Loans

home rehabilitation loans

Energy Assistance

home energy assistance

Home Weatherization

home weatherization

Minor Home Repair

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