Green Driver Training

Green driving is a great way to save money and drive cleaner. Several different surveys show that by driving carefully you can save between 5% and 30% on fuel costs. In May of 2011 Pierce County implemented a Fuel Reduction Policy to limit idling and reduce the use of expensive gasoline. Since 2010 Pierce County employees have reduced fuel use by 14.39% by driving more efficiently. Here are some quick tips to getting better fuel efficiency in your vehicle.
If you owned an Electric Vehicle you would not have to worry about saving gas. Most electric cars can travel over 1,000 miles for under $20. In 2016 Pierce County created the first of its kind Electric First Policy to make electric cars more visible in our fleet.   

15 Gas Savings Tips

Don't idle your vehicle, for every 6 minutes of idling you waste enough gas to travel 1 mile
Don't top-off gasoline, it can spill and it causes air quality problems
Modern gasoline engines don't need to be warmed up so turn it on and go
Park in the shade in the summer to avoid fuel evaporation
Remove unnecessary bags and equipment that weigh down your car
Fill up in the early morning or late evening to minimize fuel loss
Avoid quick starts and quick stops and try to coast to red lights and stop signs when possible
Tighten the gas cap to keep fuel and fumes from leaking
Properly inflate your tires
Use regular gas unless vehicle manual calls for a higher grade
Use AC on the highway and open windows in slower traffic
Keep your vehicle maintained according to vehicle guidelines 
Use Waze or other technology apps to avoid traffic and limit idling.
Each 5 mph over 50 mph can lower gas mileage by 7% or more 
Combine trips when possible and try to avoid rush hour
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Green Driver Tips

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