Program Plans

Aging & Disability Resources

The Area Plan lays out the direction for Pierce County Aging and Disability Resources to serve the needs of older adults and individuals with disabilities for the next four years. 2016-2019 Draft Area Plan includes the proposed 2016 Area Plan budget which allocates funding for a wide range of community-based services.

2016-2019 Area Plan Executive Summary
2016-2019 Area Plan (Final)
2018-2019 Area Plan Update Executive Summary
2018-2019 Area Plan Update (Final)

For additional information call (253) 798-3782 or by e-mail.

Community Development
Notice of Finding of No Significant Impact & Notice of Intent to Request Release of Funds
​Request for Release of Funds/Finding of No Significant Impact

2019 One Year Action Plan

2018 One Year Action Plan

2017 One Year Action Plan

2014 One Year Action Plan

2012 One Year Action Plan


2015 - 2019 Consolidation Plan

2010 Citizen Participation Plan

Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report

2017 CAPER Public Notice
2017 CAPER
PR 03 Report - CDBG
PR 05 Report - CDBG
PR 23 Report - CDBG
PR 23 Report - HOME
PR 27 Report - HOME

2016 CAPER Public Notice
2016 CAPER
eCart to Report Data on Persons Assisted with ESGPR26 Report
PR 26 Report
PR 03 Report
PR 05 Report
PR 23 Report
PR 27 Report

2014 CAPER Public Notice
2014 CAPER
PR03 Report
PR05 Report
PR23 Report
PR27 Report

2013 CAPER Public Notice
HOME Match Report 2013
HOME Match Report 2012
HOME Match Report 2011
HOME Match Report 2010
HOME Match Report 2009
HOME Match Report 2008
HOME Match Report 2007
HOME Match Report 2006
HOME Match Report 2005
PR03 Report
PR05 Report
PR23 Report
PR27 Report

Developmental Disabilities

Developmental Disabilities 2010-2014 Plan

Homeless Programs

Plan to End Homelessness
2015 Continuum of Care (CoC) Proposed Project Listing
COC Collaborative Application 2015
2015 ESG Funding Recommendations
Homeless Funding Announcements