Learn to Skate

Learn To Skate is back for Fall Session 1

9/1/2020 - Learn To Skate is back with registration open for the Fall Session 1 for Beginning 2 through Freestyle 3 levels only.  Additional safety protocols are now in place for Learn to Skate classes including pre-registration and limiting the number of participants on the ice. PreSkate and Beginning 1 levels will be available in our Winter Session.  

Welcome to Sprinker Recreation Center’s ISI Learn To Skate program.  Sprinker strives to provide a fun and safe experience, to teach the correct technique of the simple basic elements, to promote health and physical fitness, and enable all participants to develop skills necessary for a lifetime of skating.  

Cost: $80 for 8 lessons        $15 yearly ISI Membership is required.            

Each skater will receive:

  • 30 minute group instruction with a certified ISI Coach
  • Rental skates for classes
  • 30 minute practice immediately following the lesson
  • 2 free admissions to the public sessions when Sprinker Public Session resume
  • Skill evaluation, ribbon and or badge.  

Classes will be limited to 8 participants per instructor. Make up lessons are not available.

Levels of Instruction Include:

Beginning 2, PreAlpha, Alpha 1 & 2, Beta 1 & 2, Gamma 1 & 2, Delta 1 & 2, Beginning Freestyle, Freestyle 1, Bronze Freestyle 1 - 3.

"Every Olympic Dream Begins with a First Lesson"


Monday Classes
8 week Fall Session 1

Sept. 28-Nov. 16
6:00-6:30 pm

Wednesday Classes
8 week Fall Session 1

Sept. 30-Nov. 18
6:00-6:30 pm

Thursday Classes
8 week Fall Session 1

Oct. 1 - Nov. 19
10:00-10:30 am

Saturday Classes
8 week Fall Session 1

Oct. 3 - Nov. 21
11:30 am-12:00 pm

Class Times:

All classes are 30 minutes in length. Class times are subject to change based on enrollment and reassigned on the first day of class. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your class time for possible changes and to pick up attendance punch cards. Skaters should be ready to go with skates on 5 minutes prior to the start of class. 

Skating Attire:

  • PreSkate and beginning skaters are encouraged to wear an All-Sport Safety helmet.  Skaters should wear gloves and warm layered clothing is recommended for all levels.
  • Freestyle 1-4 skaters should wear athletic related attire. Hair should be pulled back away from the face.  Figure Skates are recommended for this level but not required.    
image of Learn-To-Skate class

Program Contact:

Janice Forbes, Figure Skating Program Coordinator
(253) 798-4045  |  email


Sprinker Recreation Center
14824 "C" Street S, Tacoma, WA 98444 (map)

Covid-19 Phase 2 restrictions while visiting Sprinker Recreation Center

  • FACIAL COVERINGS/MASKS AND GLOVES  - each skater must provide their own and wear them while participating in class on and off the ice.
  • NO SPECTATORS - Spectators/Chaperones are not allowed to remain in the building during classes except when assisting skaters with putting on skates. 
  • Classes will be limited to 8 skaters per level to maintain social distancing
  • PreSkate 1-4 for ages 4-6 and Beginning 1 levels are not offered at this time due to Covid-19 until Phase 3.