Civil Process Unit

Civil Unit Duties

The Civil Unit of the Pierce County Sheriff's Department serves legal documents throughout the county, performs evictions, enforces the orders of the court and holds sales of real and personal property.


The Sheriff's Department serves legal documents within Pierce County but is only responsible for serving protection orders within the unincorporated portions of the county.

City police agencies are responsible for serving domestic violence, anti-harassment, sexual assault, stalking and vulnerable adult protection orders to persons residing within their city limits. For service of protection orders within city limits please contact the applicable city police agency.

Serving Papers

To more effectively assist you we will need to know information about the person(s) to be served. Please submit the service information form with your service documents. Please note that we cannot serve documents unless you provide a physical address. We can't serve papers at a P.O. box. The Sheriff's Department charges a fee to serve legal papers. See our information regarding fees.

Service at Joint Base Lewis-McChord

For service at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, please provide the social security number and/or date of birth for the person being served. Civil Unit staff will attempt to contact the service member's chain of command and request that they come to our office to be served.  Please note that the Sheriff's Department does not have authority to require a service member to appear at our location to be served.  Also, we are not able to serve civilian employees or National Guard or Army Reserve members.