Planning Commission

The Pierce County Planning Commission is an advisory board to the Pierce County Council regarding legislative actions dealing with planning and land use. Hearings before the Planning Commission are typically in regard to planning related legislation such as zoning code changes, comprehensive plan amendments, and other land use regulations. The Planning Commission also makes recommendations regarding applications for current use assessment.
The Planning commission consists of seven members. If you would like to apply, please complete the application form and return the signed copy to the Office of the Executive as indicated on page 2 of the application.

Current Planning Commission Agendas

If you have additional questions about the Commission or upcoming meetings, please Email Toni Fairbanks, Clerk to the Board.


 Dist. 1
 Sharon Hanek
 August 20, 2021
 1 of 2
 Dist. 2
 Jon Higley

 March 12, 2020
 2 of 2
 Dist. 3
 Kevin Rau

 June 1, 2019
 1 of 2
 Dist. 4
 Sharon Benson

 Jan 14, 2019
 1 of 2
 Dist. 5
 Julie Williams

 June 24, 2021
 2 of 2
 Dist. 6
 Jeff Brown

 June 1, 2021
 2 of 2
 Dist. 7
 Andy Markos
 June 18, 2018
 2 of 2