Burn Bans

There are several types of burn bans. The agency that is responsible for call the burn ban will depend on the reason for that ban.

BurnBanCurrent Fire Safety Burn Ban Status:
County-wide Burn Ban Lifted
Effective 9/28/2017
Fire Safety Burn Bans

Fire safety burn bans in unincorporated Pierce County are declared by the Fire Marshal during long periods of dry weather, normally during July through October. Notice of a burn ban is always given to the news media for broadcast

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PC_Air_BurnBan1Current Air Quality Burn Ban Status:
Stage 1 Burn Ban
Effective 2:00 P.M. 12/8/2017
Air Quality Burn Bans

Air quality burn bans are based on a number of criteria and are controlled by the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency, 1-800-552-3565.