Property Tax Exemptions & Deferrals

  1. Current Use

    Access the classifications and information about the Current Use Open Space Taxation Act.

  2. Destroyed Property

    Learn if you can apply for a destroyed property tax adjustment.

  3. Farm Machinery & Equipment

    File for a tax exemptions for your farm machinery and equipment.

  4. Historic Property

    Submit an application for special valuation of a historic property you may own.

  5. Municipal

    Discover why properties owned by taxing districts are exempt from property taxes.

  6. Non-Profit

    Obtain information about properties owned by cemeteries and non-profit organizations that may apply for property tax exemption.

  7. Property Tax Deferrals

    Find out if you qualify for a property tax deferral.

  8. Senior Citizens Or Disabled Persons

    Apply for a tax exemption that freezes the value of your residence.

  9. Tax Incentive for Multi-Family Housing

    View information about the tax incentive and access contact information if you have questions or concerns.

  10. Three Year Home Improvement

    Read about the three year home improvement exemption program.