2016 Election

The votes are in!

It’s no understatement that this was a big election year. Washington State ballots were loaded front and back with big questions and important issues. To facilitate a smooth election process in Pierce County, the Auditor’s office, in partnership with Facilities Management, transformed the Pierce County Annex into an elections hub.

What did Facilities Management do? A lot!

To accommodate the 400 temporary election workers, FM was tasked with bringing in a large job shack to house workers. This consisted of landscaping, running power, bringing in furniture and eliminating trip hazards that are common with temporary structures.

In addition, FM coordinated the rental of Destiny City Church’s parking lot for overflow parking and chartered a school bus to shuttle the election workers back and forth.

Inside the Annex, FM maintenance staff cleared out furniture to turn the break room and conference room into a voting center. This also included setting up temporary stanchions to control lines and the flow of people.
Elections job trailer
And more people inside the Annex, means more need for custodial. FM used their contracted custodians to increase cleaning schedules of the building, emptying trash cans and cleaning restrooms.
Outside in the Annex parking lot, cones were set up to control traffic and wayfinding signs were used to set up a flow of traffic for people dropping off their ballots or going to the voting center inside. In addition, a contracted company was used to manually direct traffic.

And let’s not forget security! Having so many people in and out of the Annex campus means amped up security personnel and uniformed police officers all coordinated by FM’s Security Management Division.

Setting up the Pierce County Annex to assist more than 10,000 Pierce County voters is no small feat and Facilities Management is proud of their involvement and achievement helping Pierce County residents cast their votes.
Elections drop off box near road