Materials & Resources

Goal: Reduce landfill waste generated by Pierce County buildings and operations


  • Improve access to recycling for employees and the public.
  • Identify opportunities for utilizing reusable goods rather than single-use or disposable goods.
  • Work with employees to purchase materials that can be recycled rather than thrown in the garbage.
  • Optimize waste management guidelines for construction projects that divert building materials from the landfill.


Fueled by the sun

In an ongoing effort to support sustainability and resource conservation, Facilities Management has installed solar-powered trash compactors and recycling units at two Pierce County facilities.
Solar recycle compactor bin
The units are powered by a solar panel, which utilizes a renewable energy source to run a compactor inside the container. Compacting the waste in the units allows custodial staff to reduce the number of garbage pickups, which saves time and resources for Pierce County. The compactors also enable the consolidation and reduction of existing trash cans at each site, which decreases the high number of trash bags used on a daily basis. In addition to increasing operational efficiencies, the units will reduce landfill waste by increasing accessibility to recycling.
The units are located at both the first- and second-floor entrances of the County-City Building and at the south entrance of the Annex.