Clover Creek Raise The Grade

12 Inch Cutthroat Trout Caught in Clover Creek 2015
Raise The Grade Clover Creek
The Clover Creek watershed is about 74 square miles in size with a population of about 130,000. It is the most urban watershed in unincorporated Pierce County. Clover Creek was heavily manipulated as the area was developed.

In the first half of the twentieth century, Clover Creek was channelized and re-routed in an effort to prevent property flooding. Portions of the channel were lined with asphalt in an attempt to reduce infiltration of the stream into the ground.

In 2013, the Washington State Department of Ecology initiated a study (Total Maximum Daily Load study) of Clover Creek related to water pollution, specifically studying stream temperature, dissolved oxygen levels and the presence of fecal coliform bacteria. The study was published in 2016. Ecology and Pierce County are working together to develop an alternative plan for reducing water quality problems in Clover Creek.

The 2015 stream grade for Clover Creek is F. Major problems identified in the watershed are low dissolved oxygen, high temperature, fecal coliform bacteria and low BIBI score. The project goal is to raise the grade of Clover Creek from an F to a C. Project Plans
Actions for 2017 include:
  • Continuing water quality sampling and monitoring
  • Briefing the watershed council
  • Researching & submit grant options
  • Developing a water quality improvement plan with Ecology and stakeholders
  • Researching sources of fecal coliform bacteria in the creek
  • Establishing and prioritizing a list of construction and restoration projects that would improve water quality in the creek