Auto Maintenance

Oil and antifreeze leaks on the ground are washed into storm drains, creeks, rivers, and Puget Sound during rain storms. Degreasers and soaps - even biodegradable brands - contain chemicals harmful to fish.

Fish-Friendly Car Care Tips

  • Don't let vehicle fluids drip onto streets, ditches or storm drains. Repair leaks right away. Find information about fixing leaks from Don't Drip and Drive.
  • Use ground cloths, cardboard or drip pans beneath your vehicle if you have leaks or are doing engine work.
  • Clean up spills immediately using a dry absorbent, such as kitty litter, then sweep up and put in the garbage. Don't allow the absorbent to be washed down a drain.
  • Properly recycle or dispose of all used batteries, motor oil, antifreeze, brake fluid and other household hazardous wastes. Find a drop-off location near you.
  • Never dump oil or other engine fluids down the storm drain, on the ground or into a ditch.
  • Always use a fish-friendly car wash method.